About us

We are a very small but very fine family-run winery in Ihringen am Kaiserstuhl. A little outside, in the middle of nature, we mature with the wines, or the wines with us. One of the two has jumped out of the tourism industry and is now a winegrower. The other of the two grew up in it, but is an industrial engineer. The next generation is already in the starting blocks, but is still in training.

Nadine und Martin Schweizer

Juri und Jascha

our two boys cutting the vineyards


Our youngest, also with us by cutting the vineyards

Fendt Tractor

Our Fendt

Our faithful helper in the vineyard.

Our wines

We are very proud of them. We don't make them, we develop them so that every wine's potential is developed and revealed. Every bottle of wine should become a star on your table.

Unsere Kunden

Wir kennen alle unsere Kunden, die sind alle schön! Es freut uns besonders, dass viele Junge und Junggeblieben bei uns den Weg in die fantastische Welt der Weine finden.

Alle unsere Weinkunden wissen das Kulturgut Wein zu schätzen!

Ganz oft gewinnen wir sehr erfahrene, weinafine Kunden, die bei uns das kleine, besondere finden, dass man sicher nicht im Discounter findet. Individualität und exklusivität finden unsere Kunden nur bei uns!

Our values

It is not only our job to sell wine, we want to inspire our guests and customers to get to know the fantastic product wine, the region and of course the necessary basic knowledge about wine. Every customer is a multiplier for us. If we manage to get him/her to report positively to friends and acquaintances after his/her vacation/visit, then our goal has almost been achieved. We are not the generation "wine sayings" that everyone has heard before.

Winter Wonderland "Fohrenberg"